Saturday, 30 November 2013

Le Marquis_Final...for now

Le Marquis_ Rough from Anne Rufin on Vimeo.

Here is my uni film, done in three months (or something...time is going by very oddly these days).
Due to technical explosions, I spent about two weeks on animation and cringe whenever I rewatch it. Hopefully I will come back to it someday, but for now... no :P
I'm proud by how quickly I learned to model and rig and also by my endurance skills: spent that final month sleeping under my desk (literally. I moved in. hula hoop and all...). My ninja-skills also increased drastically by me having to hide my bed and myself from the cleaning-lady every morning.
Big thanks to Heather and Toby (check out their blogs in the sidebar, super-talented peeps). Also thanks to all my other friends that helped me whenever my brain just died, from random texturing/rendering help to frequent tea breaks. Miss you guys.

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